Conservation Gap Years

Find Your Conservation Gap Year

Looking for a gap year opportunity that involves working with animals and the natural environment? It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a year off during your course, when you’ve finished an undergraduate degree or that you’re stuck in a job you simply need to escape from and get a whole new perspective on things - search Gapify’s list of conservation gap programme providers using the form above.

We know all too well that important habitats are being destroyed unnecessarily and that a mixture of preservation, education and conservation efforts are needed to halt this loss of habitat. You can be part of this too by embarking on one of our life changing programmes. Our range of gap providers have programmes in all continents for varying durations, indeed, it doesn’t have to be a gap year, in fact most programmes run over the course of a few weeks.

We’ll let you guys delve further into the exact conversation programme you’re looking to volunteer with but rest assured, we’ve got experiences working first hand with elephants, wild cats, marine wildlife and much more. Volunteering in this sector is a crucial element of how we can make serious change, you’ll be supporting scientists, building data pools to feedback to governments and important conservation programmes meanwhile helping local communities sustainably maintain conservation efforts. This work is vital whilst giving you valuable experience that you’re so passionate about.