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The benefits of volunteering in the world of social work are multiple. You’ll naturally be communicating and dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds, often in countries overseas where the main language is not English. Social inequality has knock-on effects to health, education and a person’s outlook on life. By volunteering to help people less privileged than yourself, you’ll be getting first hand experience of the importance of social based volunteering.

Gapify providers offer a range of volunteer projects overseas for those with an interest in social work. Often the countries featured in these programmes do not have sufficient funding to put state paid employees into a school, health centre or hospital (any place of care for that matter) so by participating in a project you’ll be helping the local communities in more ways than you think.

The impact of social services based work is incredibly rewarding for yourself, the people you help directly and of course, it helps share the burden on their own families too. This really is giving something back and helping those in need around the world.

Whilst selecting a social volunteering programme is hardly straightforward, the Gapify list of providers below should help narrow things down a little. If you’re interested in a specific type of social care, perhaps you already have a career in mind, then it’s more a case of using our search form above to pinpoint the location of your placement - we’ve got plenty to choose from including India, Thailand, Vietnam and through Africa. We also have a range of social work volunteer programmes to compare a little closer to home here in the UK.