Gap Years Studying Abroad

Find Your Gap Year Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a wonderful way to spice up a CV, make yourself more employable and learn a foreign language by living in the country of your chosen subject tongue! Some of the more popular places to study abroad in a different university or college include Spain, France, Germany, Japan and China. Further, you don’t have to go learning a language to study abroad, there are opportunities in all areas of academia covered by Gapify’s provider companies below.

The duration of studying a course abroad can vary from a fortnight to a full academic year. By treating the location placement you choose as your base, it can be used to explore further afield, so you’re essentially combining a travel only gap year with a study abroad programme. For example, by choosing to study abroad in Valencia, Spain, you could easily visit Portugal, the Balearic Islands, France and Italy for a short break.

The other great facet of studying overseas is that you’ll have classmates, which will offset that feeling of ‘I’m a lonely solo-traveller’ if that’s something that makes you feel a little uneasy. You can not only study together but socialise, party and explore the surrounding areas too. There’s a good chance you’ll be living in close quarters to your classmates, in university halls and residences or a flat-share arrangement. This depends on the course of your choosing.

For those still in tertiary education in the UK, it’s more than accepted nowadays to take a sandwich year overseas, and not just for students of language courses either. If you’re studying for a BA in a Business or Journalism field there are lots of study abroad providers who can facilitate this for you. It’s going to propel your learning, give you a wider perspective and give a pretty good case study to write up when you get home.

By delving into a study period abroad you’ll be giving yourself a head start in the competitive job market, if everyone on a 50 student course comes out with the same grades, you have to be asking yourself ‘what do I have over these other job applicants?’ and a solid answer that employers could use as a differentiating factor is the experience of living and studying overseas - it shows independence, focus, drive, maturity, respect and tolerance of other cultures and perhaps a better grasp of a foreign language. What are you waiting for? Have a search via our filters below, to find the perfect study abroad programme for your needs…