TEFL Gap Years

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A TEFL placement is one of the most popular options for a gap year abroad, whether you’re taking a break from a PGCE course in the UK, already a teacher but looking to broaden your horizons or simply wanting to immerse yourself in a different culture, taking the initial TEFL course and then planting yourself overseas can be a super rewarding role. Of course, just speaking English as your native tongue is not quite enough, to qualify for a role Teaching English as Foreign Language abroad, you’ll need to complete a TEFL course, of which there are plenty in the UK.

You can sit the qualifying course in around 20 hours, you can even complete the TEFL qualification in weekend or do the course online, both start at around £150. The Gapify providers offer TEFL job placements all over the world, some paying up to £2,000 per month in places like South Korea and Japan. Often, there will be assistance with living costs too, however in some locations, living costs are very cheap too - think South America, Africa and South East Asia.